Free Web Development Tips From Your Local Auckland NZ Web Designers 

Free Web Development Tips From Your Local Auckland NZ Web Designers 

In 2021 alone, there was a 4.4% increase in the number of online shoppers compared to 2020. And in 2020, more than 80% of consumers shopped online. Optimising your digital presence through web design is crucial as consumers continue to transition to looking online for their product or service needs. When your target audience clicks into your site, the web design needs to provide an impressive user experience in order for them to convert. What’s more, when you improve your web design and site optimisation, you will rank higher in search engines. 

Here are some web development tips from your local Auckland NZ web designers, The WebCo. Give us a call to discuss your personal site and get free advice on how it can be improved to increase your conversion rate.

1. Enable seamless navigation with your web design

The first key area to analyse is whether your website navigation is instinctual to your target audience. If there are areas that trigger users to search around for CTA’s, or answers to their questions, then the web design needs to be amended. A useful way to do this is through usability testing whereby multiple users do a test run through your site, reviewing both computer and mobile compatibility.

Simplicity is key when it comes to landing pages. The main goal is to communicate your message and ensure each page directly relates to the meta title and description or Google Ad information you use. If you focus on keyword packing, you may bring in a larger number of users, however, they won’t be valuable. When they click into the specific page and see it is not related to their search phrase, they will not convert and instead, increase your bounce rate.

The WebCo are website designers in Auckland NZ with decades of experience in web development. We offer a free review of your website’s UX design. 

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2. Ensure your site is mobile friendly through web design

Mobiles have overtaken laptops and computers as the top device for users to search their queries on. In fact, in 2021, 56% of searches were undertaken from a mobile device. For this reason, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you may be losing out on more than 50% of opportunities to capture your audience’s attention. Mobile compatibility tests should be undertaken in order to review where your website stands for mobile optimisation. The next steps after this can become more complex as you will need web designers to make changes.

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3. Content is King

While your design may be effective, if the content is lacking in quality, how can you effectively speak to your audience and convince them to convert? There are various questions to ask yourself when reviewing your website content. Does the content layout, size and font enable easy readability? Is the content succinct and grammar-free? Does ir seamlessly flow towards CTA’s when audience members may need them? 

Content with faults will directly cause your site to lose credibility and trust with your audience. Without this trust, there is no way for you to make a sale. If you aren’t content writers yourself, it is crucial to hire a freelancer or a NZ digital marketing agency for their content service.  

The WebCo’s content writers can assess your site and give honest feedback on whether it needs to be altered. Get in touch for a site assessment. 

4. Undertake regular checks of your website and potential errors

Throughout time, errors, 404’s and additional issues will arise. This is unavoidable. It’s important to undertake regular checks through tools such as WebCEO which scan your site and give you instant feedback. From here, web designers will need to implement the changes, pritoritising errors that have a larger impact on the site optimisation. At this stage, troubleshooting often comes into play, as technology can be complex. 

The WebCo’s web development team offers support packages to help you when things get a little out of your depth.