Auckland NZ Web Designer Tips: Improve Your Site’s User Experience

Auckland NZ Web Designer Tips: Improve Your Site’s User Experience

User experience quite literally sells. Think of your site as a digital shop. If potential customers walk in and see a messy store with slow service, yet your competitor is a few steps away, where will they go? That’s right – they’ll take a look at your competitor. Your website needs to cater to the continually evolving user expectations before your customers will even consider parting with their money. Here, we will into the top tips for user experience in New Zealand.

Optimise design layout for user experience

Brutalism is in. You’re probably thinking, what the heck is brutalism? Well, it essentially is minimalist design, prioritising user experience. Think about a website that looks aesthetically pleasing and has all the gigs and gadgets to look cool, yet is really difficult to find CTA’s or information. The audience may think ahh, this looks cool, but will click out because they can’t easily access what they are searching for. Those that are on the site with only curiosity are not going to be convinced to go any further. Cut the complexity and make it simple. Any web designer will want to cut the unnecessary clutter, but this just takes it to another level with giving the audience member exactly what they want – instantly.

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Avoid bombarding audience members

Annoying your website’s audience will simply encourage them to click out and find the product or service elsewhere. Any automatic pop ups, music or additional elements which take the attention off what they are actively searching for will enable frustration and require extra undesirable clicks. Users have less and less patience and a significantly shorter attention span than ever before, scrolling through search results as opposed to settling with the first site they click into. Therefore, aim to avoid such annoyances as well as cluttered design in order to improve your UX.

Create relevant, engaging content

Content must meet a number of expectations in order to be truly optimised. While it may seem unattainable to get it perfect, content is subjective, so as long as you have a checklist for each webpage, it will be effective.  You must speak directly to your target audience. Keep it as concise and clear as possible. The audience must receive the information relevant to them in an order that makes sense and in an engaging manner. This refers to both the writing and the design and layout of the content.

Remember, Content is King. Context is Queen. What does this mean? Assisting with SEO purposes, when you use the keywords, ensure you add in surrounding contextual words which give the keywords the true topical meaning. When search engines call your site, they are looking for this context.

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Overall site optimisation for user experience

Small individual technical elements optimise your site to be the best version of itself. Ensure your site speed is as low as possible, it is mobile responsive, broken links are deleted, and link texts are added. Site speed directly impacts the sales and conversions your site will generate it. Furthering on from the previous point of today’s users’ attention span being lower than ever, it’s simple – they simply will go to your competitor, increasing your bounce rate. This then impacts your placing in search results.