Are You Driving with Your Website’s Check Engine Light On?

Are You Driving with Your Website’s Check Engine Light On?


The speedometer on a car’s dashboard shows you how fast you’re traveling. In the context of Google Analytics, website traffic equates to the momentum of your online business.

Fuel Gauge:

Just as your vehicle’s fuel gauge tells you how much petrol you have in your tank, Google Analytics data (your fuel) is imperative in making educated business decisions and keeping you going effectively.


Your vehicle’s odometer keeps track of the distance your car has travelled. In the digital realm, tracking the pages on your website that are being viewed, and the time people spend on each page gives you an idea of what is working and what is not.

GPS Navigation:

Just like a GPS navigation system guides you to your destination, Google Analytics also influences the direction you take with your business and website. Using this data will help you plan ahead to where you want to go.

Engine Warning Lights:

Just as your vehicle’s dashboard alerts you to potential issues, Google Analytics can identify performance anomalies or errors on your website. It can alert you of high bounce rates, slow page load times, technical errors that may impact user experience etc. These alerts allow you to address issues promptly and ensure your website operates smoothly and converts.

By viewing Google Analytics as a digital business dashboard, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your online presence and achieve your business objectives.

It wouldn’t be ideal to drive your car without a working dash, you probably shouldn’t drive your business without one!

GA4 is the latest, up-to-date dash. Talk to us if you are not sure if you have got questions.