The WebCo - Liferay Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone Business Moves to the Cloud in Just 6 Months

Vodafone Business needed a customer-first solution that would lead them into the future while keeping costs low.







Key Takeaway


Vodafone Business, the enterprise-specific extension of Vodafone Group PLC, connects people, places, and things around the world, providing telecommunications and IT services to 1500 customers in 150 countries. Accounting for 30% of Vodafone Group PLC’s revenue, Vodafone Business has made its core mission to help businesses succeed in a digital world.


Vodafone Business had lofty goals for a more modern, digital-forward approach that their platform wasn’t meeting. In order to transform their business into a more customer-centric, sustainable model, Vodafone Business needed to find technology that could enable the cultural and operational change to make that goal a reality.

Vodafone Business had to overcome these specific issues:


Business and IT teams weren’t unified. The two teams had difficulty working together and aligning on vision in a way that ultimately delivered value to the customer.


Industry disruptors were popping up everywhere. The advent of the digital age has meant that it’s easier than ever for new companies to become the competition and shake up the industry. Vodafone Business wanted to prepare for disruption—and do a bit of disrupting themselves.


Their infrastructure was messy and expensive. The old platform was complicated. Making changes and updates was slow and costly to implement, meaning delayed time-to-market.

They decided to focus on three key areas of growth for their new solution: improving the customer experience, increasing performance, and remaining cost-effective.

We blend the best of technology and human interaction to serve our customers in a personal, instant, and easy way."

The Digital Channels Team


For Vodafone Business, giving their customers the best experience meant choosing the best technology. So they created a self-service portal called COVE (Customer Omnichannel for Vodafone Enterprise) using Liferay and deployed the solution with Liferay Experience Cloud Self-Managed (SM).

Choosing Liferay Experience Cloud SM came about as the result of a rigorous analysis, taking into account difficulties like security, the potential learning curve, and support. Liferay was able to help improve the operating model and resolve challenges that cropped up. In the end, the migration to Liferay Experience Cloud SM took just six months.


The COVE portal is tailored to meet the diverse and highly specific needs of the enterprise customer, serving 1500 businesses in 150 countries. As a solution, it offers customers the opportunity to personalize it to their needs with available functionality and features. Customers can easily accomplish their goals and get instant access to help and resources through self-service, and the site is responsive, allowing users to consume it across multiple screen ratios. 

Vodafone Business is now able to:


Support the end-to-end in-life customer lifecycle. From the onboarding of services to the effective management of them, COVE gives Vodafone Business the ability to walk alongside their customers at almost every stage.


Put the customer experience at the center. Vodafone Business has made significant investments to improve the customer experience. Using Liferay Experience Cloud SM means COVE performs better and faster by mimicking local hosting. Vodafone Business can now also respond to and resolve issues more easily.


Be equipped for long-term growth. Being on the cloud has resulted in not only lower, growth-friendly costs, but also put services in place that allow for future evolution and scaling.

Vodafone Business’s journey of digital transformation with Liferay Experience Cloud SM has ultimately brought together separate teams with different skill-sets and given them a better path for collaboration, which has led to better customer outcomes.
Vodafone Business isn’t finished evolving, however. On the horizon? Using the data from COVE to keep improving the customer experience, not just to meet customer requests but also to create new functionality before the customer even realizes the need for it.